Class Descriptions

At JaiPure Yoga, we are committed to fulfilling your health and practice needs. We have a variety of classes, some of which will be heated. The heat (Not So Hot - 80° to 90°), set to a comfortable and ideal temperature, will never rise above your core internal body temperature. In this environment, when you practice, the internal body can be heated up gradually, allowing for a much healthier way for you to remove toxins from the inside out. 

Mindful Flow with Meditation

This 75 minute class will start with a gentle yet energizing vinyasa flow to stretch and strengthen the body and conclude with a guided meditation to  calm the mind. Open to all levels but especially those new to yoga. Also a great way to cultivate a personal meditation practice.

INFRARED Mindful Flow with Meditation

This 60 minute class will start with a gentle yet energizing vinyasa flow to stretch, detoxify, and strengthen the body and conclude with an optional guided meditation or gentle breathing techniques to calm the mind.
Open to all levels but especially those new to yoga. Also a great way to cultivate a personal meditation practice. In an Infrared Heated Room to approx. 90 degrees.

INFRARED Mindful Tibetan Flow

This class will focus on breath and movement to energize the prana yet calm the wind channels. The goal is to increase focus, clarity, physical strength and coordination. Leave class feeling mentally and physically balanced. For all levels.

In an INFRARED Heated room to 90 degrees.

Tri-Vinyasa Pure Flow

In a JPY Tri-Vinyasa Pure Flow practice, you will experience the three realms of yoga: physical, energetic, and spiritual. The physical practice will be vigorous with precise alignment instructions. Chanting, dharma, pranayama, and deep relaxation will also be included. Tri-Vinyasa cultivates an integrated practice that is physically challenging yet deeply aware of the subtle aspects of the asana on body, mind, and spirit, all united -- all one. Suitable for all levels.

Pure Flow

In a JPY Pure Flow practice, you will experience strong Vinyasa sequences linking yoga postures (asanas) with breath. Deep relaxation, music, chanting, dharma, pranayama, and meditation may be integrated depending on the style of the teacher. Suitable for all levels.

Pure Flow and Restore

Beginning with approx. 45 minutes of a JPY Pure Flow practice, you will experience strong, creative transitions of Vinyasa sequences linking yoga postures (asanas) that systematically and seamlessly integrate the movements of the body with the action of the breath.

Deep relaxation including Yin or Restorative poses, pranayama, and meditation will be integrated at the end of class.

Suitable for all levels.

INFRARED Pure Powerflow

In a power flow yoga class, students will build strength, flexibility and concentration while cleansing the body and calming the mind. You can expect a great cardiovascular and strength building workout combined with breath work. Students will move quickly between poses and the poses often focus on building muscular strength and endurance. 

In an INFRARED heated room to 90 degrees.


Whether 60 or 75 minutes, same as a Pure Flow class but in an Infrared Heated room heated to 90 to 95 degrees.

Pure Kundlini

In Pure Kundalini Shakti, we will connect with your Sat Nam (etheric vibration of your truth), the Kundalini as taught by Yogi Bhajan way. Kundalini, the yoga of awareness, is a science that takes us on a personal cosmic ride. Asanas (postures), mudras (hand gestures), body locks, and mantra (sound current) are activated to vibrate the cosmos and surround ourselves with the light within. At the end of class, surrender to the healing sounds of the gong. 

Pure Basics

In a JPY Pure Basics class, you will experience the following: Breakdown of Vinyasa sequence and poses, and deep relaxation. Some chanting, dharma, pranayama and meditation may also be included in the class. Suitable for those new to yoga as well as those who wish to deepen their practice.


In a JPY Iyengar class, following in the tradition of Sri BKS Iyengar, you will experience the following: an emphasis on alignment and organization within body, mind, and spirit, the use of multiple props to aid alignment and balance, a holding of poses, and ultimately achievement of "meditation in action." Suitable for all levels.

Iyengar Immersion

A comprehensive and dynamic exploration of Iyengar yoga in a two hour format covering all categories of postures and pranayama.

Special pricing applies.


In a JPY Ropes class, as part of a regular yoga practice, you will experience the following benefits: release of tension in spine and pelvic areas, increase in range of motion, alertness to brain, and improvement of oxygen intake.

Pure Restorative

In a JPY Restorative class, you will experience the following: pranayama, supported poses that are held to induce physical and mental release and relaxation, and meditation. Supported poses involve the use of props: blocks, straps, bolsters, chairs, and weights. Suitable for all levels.

Yoga for Chronic Health Issues

Many more adults are living with chronic health issues than ever before. Yoga provides a way to continue to work with your body to gain additional health, confidence, and flexibility. The benefits of yoga include increased muscle tone, balance, flexibility, increased confidence, and optimism about life. This class is open to anyone with a chronic health problem such as Cancer, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue to mention a few. No experience is necessary. Adaptations will be offered to make this class accessible to all.

Pure Yin

In a JPY Yin class, you will find a perfect compliment to your yang practice. Yin postures are done seated or laying on the floor. Poses are held 3 to 5 minutes each with all muscles relaxed and released. Yin practice benefits the physical body by freeing up the tight connective tissue capsules that form around the muscles and joints.  More importantly, the long holds in a single still Yin posture become a time of inner reflection, meditation, and peace.

Emerge from this practice feeling physically, emotionally, and spiritually renewed. Suitable for all levels.


In a JPY KID's class, your child will experience: fun and playful yoga poses and games, animated breathing exercises, music, storytelling, and guided meditation. Yoga for kids strengthens growing muscles, increases flexibility, fine tunes motor coordination, helps to increase focus, improves study performance, and promotes a happy, creative and calm state of mind. Class is 60 minutes and suitable for ages 6 -9.

JPY Tweens/Teens Pure Flow

In a JPY tween/teen class, you will experience the following: a modified Vinyasa flow, partner poses, games, knowledge of the breath, meditation, deep relaxation, and FUN! Class is 60 mins and suitable for ages 12-16. Expect to  build strength, develop confidence and self-acceptance.

LifeForce Yoga®

LifeForce Yoga ® for Mood Balance-A Kripalu Style class lead by Debbie Lubetkin, Psy.D. , LFYP, RYT-200.  LifeForce Yoga is an application of yoga designed specifically to manage mood symptoms, and to teach students to restore themselves to a state of balance.  Each class is designed to empower students to learn to calm and/or energize the physical and emotional body.  Practices in each class will include pranayama (breathing practices), bhavana (visualization), asana practice (physical poses), use of mudras to direct energy, mantras (sound), meditation, and relaxation.  This is a Gentle to Moderate class, and beginners are welcome.

Aerial Basics

Come familiarize yourself with our aerial yoga silks which are suspended like a hammock and sit approx. 4' off the floor. In a JPY Aerial Yoga Basics class, you will experience the following: sun salutations using the aerial hammock, standing and balancing postures using the hammock, some beginner tricks and flips. Come experience deep relaxation wrapped in a cocoon-- and the effects of antigravity! Suitable for beginners.

Aerial - Open Level

This class is open to those new to aerial as those looking to do a few more tricks or strength poses.

Tween Aerial

For kids aged 9 to 12. Come enjoy and have fun on the aerial hammocks. Kids will learn sun salutations, basic routines and tricks but mainly have fun. Come defy gravity! Only 8 spots available. First come, first serve.